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White Coat Ceremony

The time has come for Ryan and his classmates to be officially inducted into the world of medicine while family and loved ones watch and take A LOT of photos. The white coat ceremony is not an ancient tradition like the white

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Moments of incompetence

The other night, I caught myself thinking about the similarities between my position as a couple therapist and Ryan’s future role as a physician. All of a sudden, I had this incredible flash-forward to an event, or events rather, that

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Who is your monkey?

The following is an excerpt from a recent lecture Ryan attended that was eye-opening and inspirational. The lecturer does not sugar coat what lays ahead, and he highlights the importance of interpersonal relationships and having a support system throughout medical

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First impressions of medical school

We survived the first week! Hip hip hooray! Now for a check in to see how we each perceived the highs and lows of the past week. Medical Student: 1. What are your overall first impressions of medical school? My first

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Thanks to Jeffrey (neighbor, friend, and fellow medical student with a long-term partner), this song will always be associated with the beginning of medical school.

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Medical School Tips

I recently read an article about tips for surviving medical school written by two students who just finished their first year. You can read the article by signing up for Medscape (it’s free!), but I will also summarize the main

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What are we getting into? A perfunctory look at the medical school process.

To put this blog into context, it is necessary that I layout what medical school entails, at least from the student’s perspective. This is not an extensive description of the process but a summary from which I will go into

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The beginning

Most people know that medical school is challenging, time-consuming, and full of incredible new experiences for students, but my goal is to unravel how this process affects intimate relationships and what can be done to sustain a healthy relationship. My

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