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Happy Halloween!

The Student Doctor’s: Wizard Cartman ¬† The Significant Other’s: Headless Horseman I think they look pretty well together. And of course, Lana dressed up as a doctor this year… She had a bit of trouble taking her new role seriously.

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Fostering Empathy in Your Relationship

After passing the introduction to empathy, I encourage you to foster moments of connection in your relationships. Empathy requires effort and is more easily realized when both partners commit and actively attempt to better understand each other. Unlike sympathy, where

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Study break

With the first Anatomy test looming, there is not much new to report beyond intense studying, a lackluster social event put on by the medical school, and disappointing football performances. However, it is fun to witness Ryan’s enthusiasm as he

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Shifting quality time

In adapting to med school life, Ryan and I have had to shift our expectations for quality time. We both value quality time as a preferred way to show love in our relationship. However, medical school does not offer much

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Introduction to Empathy

Empathy may arguably be one of the most important components of a healthy intimate relationship. I have written about the benefits of achieving perspective and validation, and these are two necessary ingredients for empathy. Empathy is a complex emotional and cognitive

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