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36 Questions That May Not Lead to Love: An Exercise in Intimacy

Thanks to Mary Lee Catron, Dr. Arthur Aron’s experiment in intimacy has received abundant attention in the press recently. Catron recounts her use of the procedure with a man in considerably non-experimental conditions and how it turned out well for them. First, they answered

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Please, don’t be a bad valentine. Be you.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and I am annoyed. Aside from the blatant infection of consumerism that overrides the original sentiment behind the holiday, Valentine’s Day tends to set couples up for disappointment and to bring forth a swamp of self-pity

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Blizzard Recap

Blizzard Linus descended upon our city on SuperBowl Sunday, the day before Ryan’s first exam in physiology. Lana also chose this day to become sick from both ends from eating too many sticks a few days before. What perfect circumstances to

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