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Defining Your Prime

There is a natural phenomenon to compare our life to others that are in the same life stage. Our peers are out there in the real world, working, and entering phases that include marriage, buying real estate, or investing while

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Embarking on Second Year

Speaking of stepping stones, the second year of medical school is a significant one. It is time to take a look at what this year has in store. In one of my earliest posts, I summarized second year as follows:

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Stepping Stones

With the second year of medical school underway, we are transitioning back into the life of studying. Ryan and I ended our summer with a week at the beach, relishing in good books, long walks, and plenty of wine. It

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Happy Blog-iversary

It is officially a year since I purchased this tiny speck of Internet and began the endeavor of chronicling the transition to medical school from the perspective of a significant other. Over forty posts and many Lana pictures later, I still find

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